go for it, ask away.   someone has defined a work of art as "a thing beautifully done."
i like it better if we cut away the adverb and preserve the word 'done' and let it stand alone in its fullest meaning.

things are not "done beautifully."

the beauty is an intregal part of their
being done.



From 180 Canvases’ Behance page:

"180 Canvases is a site specific installation designed to fill the space of Arrow Factory gallery in JianChang Hutong, Beijing. Arrow Factory is a 15 m² independently run alternative art space founded by artists Rania Ho and Wang Wei, which occupies a former vegetable stand and which is now hosting exhibitions on a monthly base. We played with the original concept of the space, a shop-like show window facing the hutong lane, inserting an element of surprise to catch attention of passing-by viewers. The contrast of a colourful Wunderkammer featuring 180 canvases painted by hand strikes with the grey colour of surrounding walls, bringing some reminder to local tradition of chinese colourful paper cutting and the common habit of people to hang up wires on which they put clothes to dry on the public lanes."

The installation is part of Instant Hutong’s pursuit of “Theory of Moments,” a research project that investigates undefined, “abandoned or under-used spaces in downtown Beijing.” The end turns flat, colored canvases into a a stunning rainbow lattice:

Enjoy more of 180 Canvases, and check out more work by the artists on the Instant Hutong website.



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More shots of our tapered fit

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Janelle Monae ThePassionista Photographed by: Meredith Jenks

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We’ve taken this as our Easter present from the House of Dior. And it’s much better than a bloody chocolate egg, I can tell you that for free. It’s the trailer to the upcoming documentary that follows the Dior atelier as they prepare for Raf Simons first haute couture show for esteemed fashion house. We’re extremely excited about this film. Pant-wettingly so, in fact. You see, Raf to us is what Robert Pattinson is to prepubescent girls. More than a pin-up. He’s someone we pile our adulation on, no holds barred. We cry when we’re around him. Our palms sweat. Our stomachs do somersaults. And sometimes, we even throw our underwear at him. So the prospect of a feature film about the designer, and his work for Dior, is too much for us to bear. The film premieres today at the Tribeca Film Festival in Lower Manhattan. We can’t wait.


By Ted Stansfield

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 Janelle Monáe sings Rock Steady with Kimbra.

She’s epic. 

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Original costumes worn by Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman), Adam West (Batman), Yvonne Craig (Batgirl), Christopher Reeve (Superman), Michelle Pfeiffer (Catwoman) and Burt Ward (Robin). By Chip Kidd


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